Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Who was that masked man? 

Pretty excited to find a small treasure in a kitchen cupboard I could sell for real money. Not an Inca horde, but a happy excavation anyway. Silver. Mom's. A graceful, simple pattern so rarely used I could not have described it. Maybe a dozen Thanksgiving dinners with hand-washing and drying after the feast. Hi-yo Silver, away! It will manage another mortgage payment. The dealer did not want the carving set, nor this strange chain mail bag.

Found this treasure under the interchange of 75 and The George Bush. It had been many (hot) months since I walked the trail under Central Expressway (75) and up to the confusing freeway tollroad. Over/under, toll or free,It is or it isn't, but this treasure was free of charge, a gulf fritillary on a stalk of bundleflower.

Not a silver tea set, but a golden cartoon.

Gulf fritillary on bundleweed, 10/22/13

Fritillary doesn't derive from a silver source, but from the New Latin Fritillaria, from Latin friillus, dice box, a reference to the checkered markings according to the big red dictionary.

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