Friday, October 18, 2013

Strawberry daiquiri and monarch slurpee

Monarchs on mistflowers and whiskers on kittens

This monarch  let me get within inches. I'm sure my camera settings were all wrong. Flash on, macro setting, but zooming, too. No, I hadn't had a daiquiri before my short nature walk. I couldn't even spell daiquiri!

Haven't had a strawberry daiquiri since, um, maybe high school. I was giddy anyway about the outcome of our Apple/Watermelon/Strawberry art project. Loving the juiciness, the freshness, the complementary color scheme, using up the donated upholstery samples, and the kids' felt pen drawings.

When it all works out, it is a picnic in paradise.

Photos of completed projects and works in progress © 2013 Nancy L. Ruder with all rights reserved.


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The luscious pinks make my mouth water for some more of these sweet art projects. Quite intoxicating and fun, to boot!