Thursday, November 14, 2013


Don't know what I was expecting after the first freeze of the fall, but the softness of the woods was a wonderful surprise. The woodpecker's surprise was likely swift, sharp, and final. The feathers left behind on the trail were only two inches long, and I only slipped one into my jacket pocket. In a world full of problems, would THEY track me down for violating the Migratory Bird Act?

Oak Point Nature Preserve is the medicine the doctor didn't order. It's the only remedy that works on Thursdays. Considering the current state of health care I probably can't afford, trampling along leaf laden trails is state-of-the-art treatment for most woes.

Looking at the setting sun through the trees made round pink patches overlay the stunning clouds like smiling into the Kodak flash of a Brownie Starmite at a birthday party.
The barred owl and I had a stare down on my last walk before the freeze earlier this week.

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