Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Case of the Virtuous Pears

"What was that book I was reading about eating?," the library patron asked. "It was recommended."

Hmmm.  Recommended?

"Yes, it was on the shelf end display. There was a pear on the cover. It was really good, but I didn't finish it. Can't you just look it up?"

Hmmm.  No. Libraries don't retain that information once the book is returned. Was it a mystery?

"Maybe. Sort of."

Hmmm. Was it about catering?

"No, I already read all those."

Was it about cooking? Were there recipes?

"Well I didn't get that far, but there was a pear on the cover."

Was the book about a male or a female?

"I don't remember, but it had a pear on the cover. I really want to finish it."


The patron checks out other books and leaves.

Pears. Pears. Pears. Finally just before closing I have time to do keyword searches. Pear. No. Fruit. No. Recipes. On the fourth screen of results I spot a book jacket with pears. Success for the book fruit sleuth! Now, if I could only remember the name of the patron I could leave her a message...

But now I am craving pears. Red pears at the instant of perfection. Bosc pears. Bartlett pears wrapped in tissue paper cradled in gift boxes.

"What was that about?," my daughter-in-law asks. "What was the deal with the canned pear halves and grated Velveeta on a sad bit of loose leaf lettuce?"

Hmmm. Del Monte. Her mom served that in the Eighties. My mom served that in the Sixties. I dished it up for the hospital patients on SOFT and REGULAR diets in the Seventies.

We are pushing Mr. Short Stack around the Fred Meyer grocery store. We don't eat those canned fruits and veggies any more. My daughter-in-law has net bags for her sweet potatoes and zucchini. She doesn't use the plastic bags with the playpen warnings and the extra charge.

I buy some EarthWise net bags. Get me a halo.  I'll be clouds above the reusable up-cycle bag shoppers and paper-or-plastic folks.

My son will walk the dog in the city with the bag ban. He won't have any playpen warning plastic bags for doggie doo-doo. 

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